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General Sales Terms & Conditions maQUINZE vof

When a legal person or a natural person places an order, in any way whatsoever, even verbally, he or she legally accepts the entire general terms and conditions of sale in question. These sales conditions apply to all items and every purchase made by the customer. The customer also accepts that our sales conditions are the only ones that apply, to the exclusion of his own sales conditions, even if they stipulate that the customer's sales conditions are the only ones that apply.

This agreement is governed by Belgian law, of which only the courts of our registered business office have jurisdiction.

The information provided by the buyer when placing an order is binding for him. In case of errors in the address details of the recipient, the seller cannot be held responsible for the impossibility to deliver the ordered products.

Orders will only become final when they have been confirmed by the payment of the purchase order. All our offers are valid while supplies last and cannot give rise to a sales obligation.
Due to the rare or speculative nature of certain products, quantity restrictions may apply.

All products we offer are in accordance with Belgian law. We do not accept orders or purchases of alcoholic products by persons under the age of 18. By placing an order, the customer automatically confirms that he complies with the legal regulations regarding the purchase and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

The wines are delivered in wooden boxes or cardboard boxes of 6 or 12 bottles. The purchase order can be delivered all at the same address in Belgium or collected from our store. Please contact us for all kind of orders in Belgium or for deliveries outside the Belgian borders. We are committed to make every effort to deliver the order as quickly as possible. Delivery will be made within the stipulated period by direct delivery of the product to the specified recipient or, in the absence of the latter, by a notice of availability.

Any delays do not entitle the buyer to cancel his purchase, refuse the goods or claim damages. Cases of force majeure releasing the seller from his delivery obligation: war, riot, Lockdown by the government, fire, strike, accidents and inability to supply.

The goods always travel at the risk and responsibility of the recipient. Always check your package on arrival. You have a period of 24 hours to inform us in case of missing goods or damage.

Our quotations are always without obligation. We reserve the right to change our sales prices when there is a new vintage, change of VAT rates, excise duties, change of prices imposed by the government, by our suppliers, changed costs or other parameters not specified. All prices include VAT. The prices are expressed in Euro. The indicated price on the product specifications are the final consumer price excluding any transport costs, collected in our shop. Photos and information about the products we offer are purely informative and decorative and may vary.

We are not liable for damage, in the broadest sense, due to the use, abuse or improper use of our products.

The payment of the products always takes place net and cash or by bank transfer in advance. A discount for cash payment is already included in our prices. In the event of non-payment of an invoice, a default interest of 1% per month is applied by operation of law and without notice of default, and we have the right to cancel the sale and take back the delivered goods with the associated costs. of the defaulted person. Retention of title; Law of May 12, 1980. As long as the invoices have not been paid in full, they remain the property of maQUINZE vof. The amount still owed is increased by a flat-rate compensation of 10% with a minimum of 100.00 euros without prejudice to court costs and interest.

Complaints or disputes are always carefully investigated and must be reported to us within 8 days. In case of disputes, the customer is requested to turn to the company preferably for an amicable settlement. Only the Court of our registered office has jurisdiction, regardless of the accepted place of delivery and the method of payment.
If the goods sold by us show a “defect”, the buyer must immediately deliver the “defective” goods (including original cork) to maQUINZE vof without delay, after which the goods will be examined. If the investigation confirms a “defect”, the goods in question will be replaced by goods of the same type. If the same type of goods is no longer available, goods will be provided with a different vintage or an equivalent alternative. Under no circumstances will goods be refunded.
Goods are only replaced upon presentation of a valid proof of purchase.
The replacement of “defective” goods does not apply to goods with a unit price less than EUR 14.00.

The full “Terms and Conditions” are available on simple request.

April 2020

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