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Andrew Jones

Paso Robles

Field Recordings is 38-year-old winemaker Andrew Jones' personal catalog of the terroirs and vineyards he values ​​most.

As a youth, he was busy tending vines in the vineyards and planting them for farmers all over California.

Out of mutual respect, Andrew is sometimes offered small amounts of their best fruit.

Meanwhile, Andrew has been to just about every vineyard on the Central Coast and has a keen eye for rough diamonds;

sites that are unknown or undervalued but have huge untapped potential.

As friendships are made and opportunities are embraced, Andrew produces small batches of soulful wine from these unusually tranquil vineyards, yet with high potential.

The Field Recordings wines are a catalog of fascinating vineyards where wines with a very personal touch with the terroir are produced.

In addition to the wines from Single Vineyards, he also produces blends with fruit from multiple vineyards such as the Wonderwall and FICTION labels.

Wonderwall focuses on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from extreme coastal locations along the Pacific Ocean.

FICTION, the original spin-off label, is a white, red and pink wine produced from multiple vineyards and with multiple varieties.

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